Oct 012013

Alternate Title: How To Make a Bookworm Momma Cry

This infographic was share this morning on Twitter by Brian Wallace, @nowsourcing and it really saddened me. And shocked me.

I am still in shock, really – and so I can’t even come up with anything constructive to say in my introduction of it. Just check it out for yourself and maybe my brain will stop reeling in a little while.

Math is Hard, But Reading is Harder
Source: Math is Hard, But Reading is Harder

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Mar 312006

There is definitely something to be said for the fact that the very first thing I bought for my children upon finding out I was pregnant with each of them — was books!And I drove my sister-in-law crazy when she was pregnant, because, I kept coming over with more books ‘for the baby’!At one point, upon my leaving, my brother called out to me, “Hey sis, next time you come over make sure you bring a BOOKSHELF!” HAHAHA!!

What I am saying is, that fostering a child’s love of learning needs to start early! Ok, perhaps I go a little overboard, but…

You know, I did often kind of worry that my FIERCE love for books and reading would turn my children off of books, but, it didn’t. I definitely have three little bookworms on my hands.

And that has fueled their elementary school careers in such a positive way.

And our latest evidence of this is my middle son, who is 11 years old, has made it onto our school’s Lone Star Challenge team. This is a fairly new program, but, it is basically an academic decathalon for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

There was a group of students chosen from each of the three grade levels, and they had to study the booklet provided, and test onto the team. Only four children from each grade level was chosen.And my sweet fifth grade boy was chosen! I am so proud of him!Now he needs to really buckle down and get studying and get ready for the big event.

It is a one day affair. They will test the students, even giving them an essay to complete, and they will even have a game show style quiz! How fun!

I am so excited! Let’s get those kids reading!


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Mar 292006

This post is totally unrelated to reading, but, pertains to a subject equally as enriching and nourishing – art! This month is Youth Art Month, and in celebration of this, our public library is displaying art by our school district elementary ‘artists’. Our school picked five students to have their artwork on display. My middle son, the fifth grader, was one of those chosen. Although we are a large school district and there was a lot of artwork there, it was still really neat! They held a reception for the featured artists last night, and my little featured artist got all filled up on cookies! I took some neat pictures so I will have to learn how to post pictures on here.

And while I’m working on that, you:


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Mar 262006

This is my new My Very Own Mail blog! I am so excited to finally get it started!Reading is FUN! And, unfortunately, a lot (far too many) children just do not know this. Reading can take you so many places – literally and figuratively.One thing is for sure, if children do not have a strong reading background, they are bound to struggle in school – in all subjects. So we know that strong reading skills, or even good reading skills, are important for being successful in school.

However, reading is REALLY so much more than that! It is actually one of my very favorite things to do! It can be one of the most enriching hobbies – for young and old alike.

And wouldn’t it be so lovely to walk into the living room and see your child happily immersed in a book, so immersed he doesn’t hear you call his name! And the XBox, PS2, whatever….is actually turned OFF!!!

I know that gives me so much joy when I see my munchkins happily curled up with books.

There are a lot of good resources out there for encouraging our kids to read. One thing that might be right for my family might not be right for your family, so I will find as many as I can and post them here.

And hopefully we can get more of our precious babes turning off those video games and reading books!

The one thing that remains constant in all of my letters to the children, is that at the end, I always tell them to ‘Go Read a Book!’ — and because it is so helpful for them to see us reading (and enjoying it) I will follow the same practice here with you…..